Help deliver high-quality care

Clinical support staff work with Nurses, Midwives, Doctors and Allied Health Professionals to deliver high-quality care across BCUHB.


Many clinical support staff are involved in looking after the general well-being and comfort of patients. Clinical support roles also offer an ideal entry route to many careers in health, such as nursing and midwifery, especially for people with commitment and enthusiasm rather than academic qualifications.

When patients are being treated in hospital, it is vitally important that places and equipment are kept scrupulously clean. Everyone in BCUHB works very hard to prevent the spread of infection and theatre support and sterile services staff are particularly focused on this.

Support staff need a range of skills and they work for BCUHB in different ways. Fire safety officers or audio-visual technicians usually enter with experience (and sometimes qualifications) from elsewhere. Others may start in another role. For example Health & Safety Officers may start in an administrative role or Theatre Support Workers may start as Healthcare Assistants.

There are support roles, for example a Security Officer, that need few or no qualifications, besides good literacy and numeracy. However, everyone working in support service roles need to have good customer service skills. Your ‘customers’ may be other BCUHB staff in some cases, but you still need the skills to deal with them courteously, and sometimes in stressful situations.

If you want to progress within BCUHB, support services roles all offer the chance to take further qualifications and be promoted to Team Leader or Manager.

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