UK house prices are an average of 33% lower in North Wales, and the number of the region's schools ranked as 'excellent' by the Welsh Government has recently increased substantially.

House prices

In the past year North Wales property prices have averaged at a price of £169,904. This is cheaper than the average price of property in South, Mid and West Wales. The most expensive area within North Wales is typically the Isle Of Anglesey (average property price of £182,230) and the cheapest is Denbighshire (average property price of £158,339).

School classification and performance

All schools in north Wales are classified as being either Welsh-medium, English-medium or bilingual, and the exact nature of the education provided in each individual school depends on a number of locally determined factors.

However, if a child attends a Welsh-medium school (where a broad range of subjects and disciplines are taught in Welsh), his / her English skills will also be developed in specifically timetabled English lessons and by experiencing some other aspects of the curriculum in English.

Likewise, children who attend English-medium or bilingual schools are also given the opportunity to learn Welsh.

Under the Welsh system schools are placed into one of four colour-coded categories to show how much support they need with rankings of green (excellent), yellow (effective), amber (in need of improvement) and red (failing). For more information on individual primary and secondary school ratings visit 'My Local School'.

The rural advantage

There are many advantages to rural schools that should not be overlooked when considering your child's education. Rural schools typically have far smaller class sizes than inner city schools and can be a lot safer. Children are more inclined to feel like they belong in a community-enriched environment and teachers can implement good teaching practices effectively. Research has shown that children in smaller schools are academically more successful, have better exam results, study more challenging subjects and participate in more extra-curricular activities.