The catering team in BCUHB are responsible for providing food and drink for patients and staff. They have to make sure that the food and drink is high quality, within budget and served on time.

As a catering manager, you'd:

  • recruit, train and manage staff
  • make sure all services meet health and safety and food hygiene standards
  • plan menus to take into account nutritional standards and medical requirements, such as low fat, gluten free, vegetarian, etc
  • arrange staff rotas
  • control budgets
  • order and control stock

Catering managers may spend time liaising with dietitians and dietitic assistants to plan meals for patients on special diets. They also spend time with chefs and cooks planning menus.

Most catering departments also have assistant managers and catering supervisors who are responsible for day-to-day food and drink service. They supervise catering staff to make sure that meals are prepared and served correctly and that supplies are available and carefully used.

You'll be part of a team responsible to Hotel Service Managers. 


Domestic services staff in BCUHB keep hospitals, health centres, offices and other areas clean and hygienic.

Domestic services staff work at different levels, including Domestic Services Assistant, Supervisor and Manager.  

As a Domestic Services Assistant (or Domestic Assistant) you will carry out the cleaning. This could include:

  • dusting
  • using spray cleaners
  • cleaning hard floors with mops or electric floor cleaners
  • using vacuum cleaners or carpet cleaners
  • cleaning toilet and bathroom areas

You'll do with routine cleaning which needs to be done on a daily or weekly basis as well as emergencies such as spills. You may also carry out regular, planned deep cleaning on a monthly or annual basis.

If you work as a Domestic Services Supervisor, you'll oversee the work of a team of Domestic Assistants. You will allocate work to make sure all the cleaning is carried out where and when it is needed. You also make sure staff are available for routine cleaning as well as unexpected emergency situations.

Cleaners and Domestic Services Assistants are likely to have a lot of contact with patients, depending on where they work. Supervisors and team leaders may have some contact with patients. Managers may have little or no patient contact.


Porters move people and items around a hospital site.

As a porter, you could be moving:

  • patients on trolleys or in wheelchairs
  • stores and equipment
  • samples of patients' blood
  • linens
  • post and parcels
  • waste
  • cylinders of gas
  • trolleys of food and drink

Depending on where you work in a hospital, you may have other duties including

  • cleaning and tidying outside areas and gritting in cold weather
  • cleaning indoors
  • replacing curtains round beds in wards

Your job title will usually reflect your duties, for example

  • Catering Services Porter
  • Security Porter
  • Dirty Linen & Waste Porter
  • Operating Theatre Porter
  • Kitchen Porter
  • Assistant Housekeeper / Porter 

Some Porters may drive an NHS vehicle around an BCUHB site or between sites.

You'll usually be a part of the Portering Services Team within an Estates Department and will have contact with clinical and non-clinical staff. Depending on you are are based, and your precise role, you could work with nurses, operating department practitioners, healthcare science staff working in the life sciences, healthcare assistants, housekeepers, security staff or catering staff.

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