Quick facts

Lives in Bangor
Enjoys photography, wildlife, art galleries and drives in the countryside

Where do you live?

I live in Bangor, Gwynedd and have done since 1968.

What do you and your family enjoy doing in your free time in North Wales?

Photography, wildlife, art galleries, drives in the countryside.  Attending World Strongest Man events in the UK.  I also have a great love of bears, especially grizzly and black bears, and spend a great deal of time campaigning for, and supporting Bear Rescue and Rehabilitation Centres throughout the world.  My son and I visited my ‘adopted’ grizzly bear, Boo Grizzly in Golden, British Columbia last June, which was a holiday of a lifetime for us.  Boo was also very pleased to see me, since I took a huge amount of red grapes and melon for him to eat!! Rescued as a cub after his mother was shot by a poacher, a great deal of research has been done to see if an orphaned cub can be raised to be self-sufficient, something that Boo has proved is possible as he lives in his own 20 acre habitat.

What do you like best about working for the Health Board here in North Wales?

It offers job security on a level not found in the private sector.  The pace of living is slower than in larger cities throughout the UK.  It allows and encourages me to use my first language, which is Welsh.  I am also able to do flexible working, which allows me to also help look after my elderly mother, who has Alzheimer’s.

What does a typical work day involve?

I carry out the Admin work for the Rehab Engineering Unit, which is a part of the Posture & Mobility Service in North Wales.  I plan and book appointments, attend meetings, maintain some staff records, such as training, leave and timesheets etc.  I write reports, as required, and generally do what is needed to assist in running a unit that assesses for, and manufactures special seating to go into wheelchairs for people with acute disabilities. 

What development and support have you received?

My job has changed quite a lot over the 19 years that I have worked here, and I have had ongoing training when new systems and processes have been introduced.  Our Management have been very supportive in allowing me to do any training that I felt was beneficial and relevant to my role.

What are the top 3 things that make your job so special?

We are the only service in North Wales that design, develop and manufacture postural seating to patients in the whole of N. Wales.  We are able to improve our clients’ posture, which in turn help to improve or maintain their health and comfort.

We have Clinical Scientists, Engineers and Therapists who work together to provide an holistic approach to achieving a suitable solution to our client’s seating problems etc.

Our Clinicians and Technologists are often able to travel throughout the whole of North Wales to provide a service in people’s homes if they are unable to travel.  Many of our patients are very disabled or unwell and the fact that we can visit them makes things much easier for them, especially with the elderly.