A large proportion of those who live in north Wales are first language Welsh speakers, and as most individuals can express their views and needs better in their mother-tongue, BCUHB consequently recognizes that enabling members of the public to communicate with us in their preferred language is a matter of good practice.

Indeed, as some of our service users – such as children, older people and vulnerable individuals, especially – cannot effectively express their healthcare needs in any language apart from Welsh, ensuring that all our patients are given the freedom to speak their first language whilst they are under our care is an integral element of BCUHB’s commitment to provide services of the highest quality.

Our aim is to enable everyone who receives or uses our services to do so through the medium of Welsh or English, according to personal choice, and we are therefore dedicated to the principle that both languages should be treated on the basis of equality.

Welsh language support for staff

In order to facilitate this, the Health Board employs an award-winning Welsh Language Team, which provides our staff with support, guidance and advice, so that BCUHB can continue to be a leading light in relation to bilingual healthcare provision.

Our staff can develop and improve their Welsh language skills by attending free lessons with the Health Board’s dedicated Welsh Language Tutor, whilst the BCUHB Translation Unit is always on hand to convert all kinds of documents from English to Welsh (or vice versa), so that our service users can receive information bilingually.

Furthermore, our Welsh Language Officers work to continually develop, co-ordinate and monitor a range of pertinent initiatives, in order to promote and facilitate the provision of bilingual services within the Health Board.

As the largest health organisation in Wales, BCUHB has a statutory and moral obligation to provide for the specific linguistic needs of Welsh-speaking patients, and so we are proud of our continual efforts to offer and develop an increasingly extensive range of bilingual healthcare services.